This distribution of sclerenchyma tissue is an important distinguishing character between species, and though species can be locally distinguished without analyzing these characteristics, to distinguish the genus as a whole the analysis is necessary. noun. English to Arabic dictionary gives you the best and accurate Arabic meanings of Fescue, Fescue Grass. Fescue grass is a large group of grasses which contains hundreds of species. A protagonist is the main character of a story, or the lead. Endophytes in grasses are a type of fungus that lives symbiotically with the plant. fescue grass definition in English dictionary, fescue grass meaning, synonyms, see also 'meadow fescue',sheep's fescue',feces'. During the summer months, the grass should be mowed at 3 or 4 inches. 2 : any of a genus (Festuca) of tufted perennial grasses with panicled spikelets. Bands of confluent strands that reach veins are known as "pillars". F. saximontana and F. idahoensis are used as rangeland grasses for livestock, and fescues often provide good forage for native wildlife. As a result, plant taxonomists have moved several species, including the forage grasses tall fescue and meadow fescue, from the genus Festuca into the genus Lolium,[3] or alternatively into the segregate genus Schedonorus. any grass of the genus Festuca, some species of which are cultivated for pasture or lawns. See Festuca. [11] The grasses F. amethystina, F. cinerea, F. elegans, F. glauca, and F. pallens are all grown as ornamentals. Other authors before Linnaeus used the name to describe other various species of Bromus. Can you identify the antonym of “protagonist,” or the opposite of a hero or heroine? However, fescue cannot be made into sod without blending it with another grass type, such as bluegrass. Of these eleven, one species was Danthonia, one Poa, and one Koeleria. Definition of tall fescue : a European fescue (Festuca arundinacea synonym Schedonorus arundinaceus) with erect smooth stems three to four feet (about one meter) high that has been introduced into North America — called also tall fescue grass — compare fescue foot The roots develop a very deep system, reaching between 2 and 3 feet. [8] Fescue is easily established on bare ground, outcompeting other plants and persisting over several years, and so is often used in soil erosion control programs. Also called: fescue grass. The adaxial surfaces of leaf blades are typically scabrous, though occasionally are hirsute or puberulent. [2], The inflorescences of species are open or contracted panicles, occasionally racemes, with one to two (rarely three) branches at their lower node. [9], The taxonomy of the genus is ultimately problematic and controversial, as evidenced by the large number of small genera closely related to Festuca. Turf-type tall fescues can produce a high-performance, low-maintenance lawn that you can take pride in. The annual habit and shorter anthers of Vulpia has since been enough to distinguish Vulpia as a separate genus from Festuca. Festuca (fescue) is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the grass family Poaceae (subfamily Pooideae). Festuca ovina – sheep’s fescue – is a bunching grass often with a bluish colour that requires no mowing and blends well with wildflowers to create flowering meadows. The lemmas have acute to attenuate apices that are occasionally doubly pointed, and terminal awns or mucros. The branches are erect and begin to spread during anthesis, and occasionally lower branches are reflexed. [9] F. ovina and its various subspecies are the most important grazing fescues for North America, and F. arundinacea is one of the most important hay and pasture grasses in Europe. English - Urdu. [5] Festuca rubra and F. rubra subsp. Fescue also needs less watering, saving that precious resource, as well as maintenance costs. [2], Festuca grasses are perennial and bisexual plants that are densely to loosely cespitose. Any of a number of narrow-leaved grasses. fescue-grass: The species of Festuca , a genus of grasses. The fescue grass grows slower than other types of grass, meaning it doesn't have to be mowed as often, and "natural" areas off to the sides of the playing ground may not be mowed at all. The first major monograph on the genus was Hackel's "Monographia Festucarum Europaearum" in 1882. For the woodlouse genus, see, genus of flowering plants in the grass family Poaceae, Ashenafi, Z. T., & Leader-Williams, N. (2005). Bamboos used for screening are perennials as are fountain grass, blue fescue, blood grass and black and mondo grass. We are Hiring! Because of this, they don't have regular watering needs and are considered an eco-friendly type of grass. [14], "Helleria" redirects here. The fescue (Festuca ovina), a little fern (Woodsia), and a saussurea ascend very near the summit. Fescue grass is a cool-season grass, which means that it stops growing at high temperatures. Tall Fescue grass seed is a cool-season bunch species used for home lawns, parks, and sports fields in warmer parts of the country. [8] For example, in 1906 the subgenus Vulpia was introduced for North American species. Today, both “forage” and “turf-type” tall fescue are used. Some strands form "girders" together with the abaxial sclerenchyma tissue that connect epidermides at some or all veins. The grey, nearly blue leaves indicate that this could be a drought tolerant plant. The linear hila vary in length from half as long to as long as the caryopses. [2] The genus is closely related to ryegrass (Lolium), and recent evidence from phylogenetic studies using DNA sequencing of plant mitochondrial DNA shows that the genus lacks monophyly. Please review following suggested words. The word "festuca" is a Latin word meaning "stem" or "stalk" first used by Pliny the Elder to describe a weed. fescue - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. This does not mean that the grass can exist without water. Most lawns are perennial grasses including Bahiagrass, bentgrass, Bermuda grass, blue grama grass, buffalo grass, fescue, perennial bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and zoysias. Well-suited to northern lawns, it has added value in the turf grass region called the grass transition zone. The noun FESCUE has 1 sense: 1. grass with wide flat leaves cultivated in Europe and America for permanent pasture and hay and for lawns Familiarity information: FESCUE used as a noun is very rare. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Since Linnaeus' publications, seven genera have been proposed for groups of perennial fescues and fifteen for annual fescues, all with varying degrees of acceptance. However, fescue poisoning, caused by ergot alkaloids produced by the endophytic fungus Epichloë coenophiala, is a risk for pregnant mares. Dated historical biogeography of the temperate Loliinae (Poaceae, Pooideae) grasses in the northern and southern hemispheres. Definition (noun) grass with wide flat leaves cultivated in Europe and America for permanent pasture and hay and for lawns Synonyms: fescue, festuca elatior, meadow fescue Connect with us on Facebook. Because this grass tends to bunch, it can benefit from periodic overseeding to keep the density but avoid a clumpy appearance. Human Ecology, 33(4), 539-563, "World Checklist of Selected Plant Families: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew". [10] Fescues have been used as building material, as rope and as a variety of other things in indigenous Ethiopian communities, in particular the Guassa Community Conservation Area where it is referred to as 'Guassa Grass'. We Asked, You Answered. In the first edition of "Genera Plantarum", Linnaeus describes seven species of Festuca, five of which are truly Bromus grasses with the other two being Festuca gigantea and Festuca pratensis. Fescue Fescue Grass meaning in Urdu is . fescue grass definition in the English Cobuild dictionary for learners, fescue grass meaning explained, see also 'feces',fence',fester',faeces', English vocabulary The reader is probably acquainted with the Fescue Grass, with its awned flowers arranged in one-sided panicles. “Monolith” vs. “Megalith”: What’s The Difference? Tall fescue grass is a cool-season grass. Origin: Old French festu (modern fétu), from Proto-Romance festu, from Latin festuca ‘stalk, stem, straw’. Fescue can be purchased as sod. Most varieties will grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9. Meaning of fescue grass. The best time to plant it is during peak growth periods in the fall and spring. The People’s Choice 2020 Word Of The Year: 2020 Was A $#@#%%$@! Fescue Fescue Grass similar words like ; Fescue Fescue Grass Urdu Translation is . The chartaceous or sometimes coriaceous lemmas have somewhat dorsally rounded and distally keeled bases. They are evergreen or herbaceous perennial tufted grasses with a height range of 10–200 cm (4–79 in) and a cosmopolitan distribution, occurring on every continent except Antarctica. Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. a pointer, as a straw or slender stick, used to point out the letters in teaching children to read. Fescue is a bunch grass and doesn’t have the structure required to hold sod together. grass - narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay. The calli are typically glabrous and smooth, but can be occasionally scabrous or rarely pubescent. The genus Festuca represents a major evolutionary line of the tribe Poeae. Species lack auricles. [2], Some fescues are used as ornamental and turf grasses and as pasture and hay for livestock, being a highly nutritious stock feed. Festuca rubra is a species of grass known by the common name red fescue or creeping red fescue.It is widespread across much of the Northern Hemisphere and can tolerate many habitats and climates. All grasses have three anthers. The rachillas are typically either scabrous or pubescent, but can occasionally be smooth and glabrous. Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020, Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition Master these essential literary terms and you’ll be talking like your English teacher in no time. ... meaning in Arabic is . Improvements in tall fescue have transformed this grass from a forage type grass to many improved turf-type cultivars. Tall fescue (F. arundinacea) is good for this purpose, and one cultivar, 'Kentucky 31', was used in land reclamation during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s in the US. Purdue Turf Tips: Fescue. The leaf sheaths range from open to the base to closed to the top. a pointer, as a straw or slender stick, used to point out the letters in teaching children … The flat and conduplicate leaf blades are involute or convolute and are sometimes glaucous or pruinose. Definition of fescue. 2. a pointer, as a straw or slender stick, used to … All Free. The ligules are typically truncate and ciliate, though they can occasionally be acute or erose. [12] During the last three months of pregnancy fescue poisoning increases the risk of spontaneous abortion, stillbirths, retained placenta, absent milk production, and prolonged pregnancy. a perennial grass that is a valuable pasture and fodder species (genus Festuca, family Gramineae).an annual grass that typically occurs on drier soils such as on dunes and heathland (genus Vulpia, family Gramineae). You may see a weed here or there, but you shouldn’t expect fast-spreading patches of clover anytime soon with fescue grass! Festuca idahoensis 'Siskiyou Blue' (Idaho Fescue Grass) is a California native and its natural habitat is the short-grass prairie.Like all native grasses, this is a clump forming grass.This specimen is short, only 10 - 14" high. Any member of the genus Festuca. The abaxial sclerenchyma tissue forms longitudinal strands that vary in presence from the margins and opposite of the midvein to adjacent to some or every lateral vein. any grass of the genus Festuca, some species of which are cultivated for pasture or lawns. Fescue grass is drought tolerant which means that in extreme cases of water deprivation the grass can go into dormancy and return when sufficient watering is available. It shouldn’t be confused with blue fescue (Festuca glauca) which is widely grown as an ornamental grass for its intense, ice-blue colour. In addition, many decorative grasses are also perennials. The subequal or unequal glumes are ovate to lanceolate, acute to acuminate, and are typically exceeded by the florets. “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time. Kentucky-31 (KY-31) is a forage type and not a lawn type. The regions between the veins are smooth and glabrous near the base of the paleas and become scabrous or puberulent distally. The bidentate paleas are shorter to longer than the lemmas, with scabrous-ciliate veins. Meadow Fescue is one of the most common of the fescue grasses, and is said to be the Randall grass of Virginia. As a result, plant taxonomistshave moved se… These grasses are native to Europe, and they have been widely exported all over the world for use in grazing pastures and ornamental landscaping.They are famous for being very durable and drought resistant, and they are popular in a range of climates and areas of the world. Some species have sheaths that persist over years and typically have deciduous blades, and some species have sheaths that quickly shred into fibers and decay in senescence and typically have blades that are not deciduous. These longitudinal strands occasionally merge into interrupted or continuous bands. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary Unabridged Your lawn is only as good as the seed you grow. However, the plant Dodoens described as Festuca altera is truly Bromus secalinus. Indigenous common property resource management in the central highlands of Ethiopia. Noun. The ovaries are glabrous with occasionally hispidulous apices on which hairs persist when ovaries become caryopses. [2], Fescue is sometimes used as feed for horses. Generally, this type of lawn looks similar to bluegrass, except with slightly wider leaf blades. Your search for "Fescue Fescue Grass" found 0 results. The membranous ligules measure 0.1–8 mm (0.0039–0.3150 in) and are typically longest at the margins. Fescue grass is tough and dense, making it more difficult for weeds to pop up. "Festuca breviglumis Swallen — The Plant List", "Festuca edlundiae S. Aiken, Consaul and Lefkovitch",, Articles with dead external links from December 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 December 2020, at 20:57. Describe 2020 In Just One Word? Tall fescue gra… commutata are used as lawn grasses, and these species, F. arundinacea, and F. trachyphylla are used in parks, deforested areas, and sports fields for land stabilization. This burrow is a vertical well, with a curb of fescue grass intertwined with silk. The lemmas typically have five (rarely six or seven) veins. Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative? Ferule & Fescue. This type of grass is drought tolerant and does not require a lot of fertilization. What does fescue grass mean? The some grasses are rhizomatous and some lack rhizomes, and rarely species are stoloniferous. fescue grass - Dictionary definition and meaning for word fescue grass. Common allergenic pollens, fungi, animals, and arthropods. Information and translations of fescue grass in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Cons of Fescue Grass Fescue Grass Drinks a lot in the Summer. Eleven species were described, with F. ovina being the type species. 1. fescue - grass with wide flat leaves cultivated in Europe and America for permanent pasture and hay and for lawns. It is the same for grass growing in heavy shade. Mnemonic Dictionary. Turf-type Tall Fescue (or Dwarf Tall fescue) is the more common of the two categories. Meadow fescue is a palatable grass that would be used more often in pasture mixtures if the seed were not high in price. The ancient group has produced various segregates that possess more advanced characteristics than Festuca, including racemose inflorescences and more annual habits. Often distinguishing species within the genus requires the analysis of highly specific morphological differences on characters such as ovary pubescence or leaf sclerenchyma patterns. Sod. You mean there’s more than one kind? fescue grass, Festuca elatior, meadow fescue. The spikelets have two to twelve mostly bisexual florets. The endophytes do not harm the grass, in fact, their presence has been found to be beneficial to the health of the turf. An aeration treatment will allow more oxygen to flow through to the roots of your turfgrass and will break up the soil so that more water can reach the root system as well. It is best adapted to well-drained soils in cool, temperate climates; it prefers shadier areas and is often planted for its shade tolerance. noun. Because the taxonomy is complex, scientists have not determined how many true species belong to the genus, but estimates range from more than 400[4] to over 500. [2] The word Festuca first appears to describe grasses in Dodoens' "Stirpium historiae pemptades sex, sive libri XXX" in 1583. The presence of endophytes enables the grass to better withstand stresses like heat and drought, and provide an element of insect and mammal resistance. Also called fescue grass . What’s The Difference Between “Yule” And “Christmas”? The lower glumes are as long or shorter than their adjacent lemmas and have one (rarely two or three) veins, and the upper glumes have three (rarely four or five) veins. The adaxial sclerenchyma tissue sometimes forms strands that are opposite or extend to epidermal veins. 1. Also, thank you for explaining the word fescue-- one of the major livestock forage grasses an lawn grasses for that matter in the eastern US is called fescue, and now I know why!. In 1753 the genus is accepted as first being formally described, in Linnaeus' "Species Plantarum". Check out similar words like ; Urdu Translation is . The genus is closely related to ryegrass (Lolium), and recent evidence from phylogenetic studies using DNA sequencing of plant mitochondrial DNA shows that the genus lacks monophyly. Fescues are among the rare turfgrasses that are able to host endophytes. The Word Of The Year For 2020 Is …. Fall is also the time when cool season grasses like fescue, should receive aeration and overseeding. One of the important aspects of seeding your lawn happens before you ever lift a tool. The culms of the grasses are typically glabrous and smooth, though some species have scabrous culms or culms that are pubescent below the inflorescences. [13] Incorporating legumes into the fescue can be a way to increase livestock gains and conception rates, even if the fescue is infected. Tall fescue is a cool-season grass that grows most vigorously during cool spring and fall months. Fescue grass should start to come out of dormancy and green up again. 1 : a small pointer (such as a stick) used to point out letters to children learning to read. Festuca (fescue) is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the grass family Poaceae (subfamily Pooideae). They are evergreen or herbaceous perennial tufted grasses with a height range of 10–200 cm (4–79 in) and a cosmopolitan distribution, occurring on every continent except Antarctica. [5][6], Fescue pollen is a significant contributor to hay fever.[7]. fescue (Noun) A hardy grass commonly used to border golf fairways in temperate climates. fescue (Noun) A straw, wire, stick, etc., used chiefly to point out letters to children when learning to read. Definition of fescue grass in the dictionary. Fescue, Fescue Grass - Arabic meanings of word Fescue, Fescue Grass . The abaxial surfaces of leaf blades are glabrous or scabrous and occasionally pubescent or puberulent. The oblong caryopses have adaxial grooves.

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